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Short Vowel Phonics LLC

Welcome to Short Vowel Phonics

If you are looking for basic short vowel stories for your early or struggling reader, you have come to the right website! Short Vowel Phonics LLC has a mission to provide phonics-based, short vowel, reading material. Its books contain only short vowels words with a limited number of non-phonetic sight words.

The six book series slowly and systematically introduce new phonetic concepts: consonant-vowel-consonant words; then words with consonant blends and silent consonants; then double consonants and '-ing' words; then consonant digraphs; then compound words, more consonant combinations and vowel y.  The beginning reader will have repeated opportunities to practice the newly introduced phonetic concepts.

 These books are geared for kindergärtners, first grade students, homeschool students, and for struggling readers.

If you are looking for a unique alphabet chart, Short Vowel Phonics offers a decodable alphabet chart designed for simplicity.

Read on to see some of the features of the books, read about the pictures within them, and what series are currently available, as well as see samples of what Short Vowel Phonics has to offer.

Short Vowel Phonics 1 will soon be available  in ebook format.


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